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Thank you for considering commissioning me!

Please read carefully the terms below.

By commissioning me, you agree to all these terms.

Feel free to ask me any questions!


ꕥ Please provide a complete reference/references of the character or a very detailed description.

​ꕥ You will receive the artwork in high quality (JPG, PNG) when the commission is completed.

ꕥ It will take me from up to 2-3 weeks to complete your commission, depending on the complexity of the artwork and or personal works/needs.

I’ll do my best to deliver your commission as soon as possible!

ꕥ I will send you work in progress images for every stage of the commission (general idea/s and composition, rough sketch, lineart, base colors/shades).

ꕥ You can ask for major changes until I start working on the base colors. After that stage you can request only little changes or color adjustments. Any significant changes requested after the lineart stage will be charged an additional price.


ꕥ I ask for the total payment upfront or 50% of the payment upfront and the other 50% after the rough sketch (before lineart stage).

ꕥ I accept payments via Paypal or bank transfer,

Currency is  Euros €.

ꕥ If the client cancels the commission before any works has started, the client will receive a full refund.

ꕥ If the artist cancels the commission (if I am in any way unable to complete the commission), the client will receive a full refund, even if I already started working on the artwork.

 ꕥ No refunds will be given for completed or nearly completed commissions (after lineart stage). For cancelled commissions in the halfway stage I will refund you 50% of the total price.


ꕥ Prices listed are for personal use only commissions.

Commercial use needs to be discussed.

ꕥ I am allowed to upload the copyrighted artwork on any website and social platform and use it for commercial purposes.

ꕥ You can upload the artwork as long as you don’t claim the artwork as your own and proper credits are given.

ꕥ The artwork will include a small signature. It is prohibited to alter or remove said signature.

 It is prohibited to alter the artwork in any way without asking for permission.

 It is prohibited to reproduce/use the copyrighted artwork commercially or use it for anything other than personal use if commercial use and fees haven’t been applied.

 It is prohibited to sell to third parties or upload the files to sites that use AI filters.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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Here you can find all the info about my prices and the different services I offer.

By requesting a commission you automatically agree to my Term of Service.

Please read carefully before commissioning me.

If you’re interested in commissioning something different than the options

listed or you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or on socials!

✓ What I draw: ocs, fanarts, portraits, little creatures, light NSFW

✗ What I don’t draw: mecha, cars or similar, gore, hard NSFW

Prices listed are for personal use only commissions.

For commercial works the price is triple ( feel free to message me to discuss commercial prices).

​Thank you for your interest! You can commission me by filling the form below:

If you need help contact me by my email or click on my socials below

BASE PRICE (Character)

Portrait  €50

Half Body €75

Full Body €100


  • Fully rendered and detailed character.
  • Simple background.


Detailed Background: 

Base price + €20 to €100 depending on the complexity of the background.

Additional Characters:

  • base price x2 for an additional human character.
  • €15/for an additional familiars/pet/small creatures based on complexity.



€35 each

€50 couples


  • Detailed chibi character.
  • Simple elements in the background.


  • 1 emote /small design      €25


  • Base pack (includes 3 emotes/small designs) €70
  • Big pack (includes 6 emotes/small designs) €130


1. Read carefully my Terms of Service.

2. Fill the Google Form with the details of your request.

​ 3. If I accept your commission, you’ll receive a message with the confirmation!

​Thank you!

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(ENG) Hi everyone, my name is Lixsotan!

I am an Italian illustrator with a passion for crafts and gardening. Combining these passions of mine I started making botanical themed illustrations and creating objects, now I wish to start a real freelencer job with them! My illustrations often feature elements of nature (such as mushrooms and plants) which I then use to create small gadgets such as Pins, custom notebooks and prints. My drawing style is decidedly cartoonish: being a lover of manga and comics, I dedicate myself to fanart and themed gadgets that I sell from my site and at the fairs I participate in!

For more information, contact me via email or social profiles!

(ITA) Ciao a tutti!

Mi presento, il mio nome è Lixsotan e sono un illustratrice italiana con la passione per l’artigianato e il giardinaggio. Unendo queste mie passioni ho iniziato a realizzare illustrazioni a tema botanico e a creare oggetti, ora desidero iniziare con loro un vero lavoro di libera professionista! Le mie illustrazioni presentano spesso elementi della natura (come funghi e piante) che poi utilizzo per creare piccoli gadget come spille, quaderni personalizzati e stampe. Il mio stile di disegno è decisamente fumettistico : essendo amante di manga e fumetti, mi dedico alle fanart e ai gadget a tema che vendo dal mio sito e alle fiere a cui partecipo!

Per ulteriori informazioni potete scrivermi per Email o tramite i profili social!

If you are interested in collaboration, commission or event (ecc…) feel free to contact me and to browse my personal portfolio/flipbook :

Portfolio: file:///C:/Users/drudi/Downloads/Portfolio%202022.pdf

Comicon/Fiere del fumetto: